Jeremiah Hosford is a revivalist and the Apostle of the ALC Revival Network which includes churches in Locust Grove Georgia, Macon Georgia, and Tullamore Ireland, as well as the ALC School of Ministry. For years he was addicted to drugs and in the streets. At the height of his sinful life, he came to Abundant Life Church, and experienced a radical change through the power of the Holy Spirit. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit, called to preach and mentored in ALC. In 2009, he accepted the call to lead the place where he found his own freedom. His prayer is that everyone will fall passionately in love with this awesome person named Jesus Christ. He has a fervent drive to help people enter into an amazing relationship with an awesome God, who is eagerly waiting to show Himself to us. He believes that no one has gone too far for God to save, regardless of what they have been through. His own testimony proves it.
Apostle Jeremiah is a passionate and highly sought-out preacher and leader, who God is using powerfully to take revival to the nations. He is the author of 21 Days to Overflow, Prospering in Pandemonium, and a contributing author of Igniting Revival Fire Every Day. He has the honor of leading and ministering with his wife, Lisa, and their son, Jeshua.

You are not someone who just carries victory… you carry away the enemy’s spoils as well!

– Apostle Jeremiah Hosford